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Industrial Bags Manufacture and Trade
Vukovarska cesta 229c, HR – 31000 Osijek
+385 31 358 658
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Quality policy

Focus on customer’s needs, satisfaction with the job done as well as speed and
the quality of delivered products and services are the most important key
performance values used by Carta Ltd. to measure and determine its success in
production of the industrial bags. In order to achieve, maintain and strengthen
those values, we constantly commit ourselves:

  • to hire competent and ambitious staff that will have an opportunity and obligation to continuously develop and improve their skills and know-how
  • to constantly enhance technology and equipment
  • to develop and nurture strategic partnership relations with our customers and suppliers
  • to regularly follow and apply the most recent trends in production
  • to set up ambitious, measurable and achievable goals
  • to apply and improve the efficiency of the management system based on the requirements of ISO 9001
EU fondovi
Support from the European Regional Development Fund
Growth in competitiveness of paper packaging production in Osijek

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