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Manufacturing capabilities

We offer paper industrial bags from 10 to 50 kg which are manufactured from high quality kraft paper with certificates for use in the food industry. The bags are usually made in two layers, but we offer up to four layers. The outer layer can be white or brown. We also offer bags with one layer of HDPE foil if the goods are stored in damp conditions. The print is made on the front and back in up to four colors with labels on the bottom or the top of the bag in up to two colors.

The bags can be open or with various types of valves. On open bags we can make a thumb cut out in order for the bag to be easier opened during manual filling. On valve bags we can make a cement valve, tubular valve with or without polyethylene (a polyethylene foil is applied for better closure so that the material doesn’t spill) and an external valve if the valve is additionally closed manually, thermically or with ultrasound.

The adhesive used in manufacturing is derived from potato starch and the colors are water soluble. We have certificates attesting that both can be used in the food industry.

The bag dimensions change for a few centimeters depending on type of flour, sugar or animal feed, means of production and filling.

On customer demand we can micro perforate all layers of the bag and with valve bags we also do valve perforation.

If necessary we can also showcase the stacking of filled bags on a pallet using a computer simulation. Standard time of delivery is 2-3 weeks.


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